Dean's Profile

Dean: Professor Wazi Apoh


I am an archaeological anthropologist with expertise in heritage studies, forensic/bioarchaeology and development archaeology. My current research focuses on heritage tourism as well as on the archaeology of slavery, conservation and development of slave relics, monuments, and memory sites. My previous research focused on the archaeology of German missionization and colonization of ‘Togoland.’ These have currently dovetailed into the debates on the 4Rs (Return, Repatriation, Restitution and Reparation) of looted West African and Ghanaian cultural heritage in Euro-American Museums and private collections. Besides engrossing myself in effective teaching, research, and beneficial consultancy, my hobbies include training and mentoring students and practicing organic gardening.

As a former Head of the Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies and now Dean, School of Arts, I keep on acquiring invaluable practical administrative experiences in order to find solutions to our common problems. I also encourage and welcome local as well as international partnerships and collaborative projects that inure to our institutional and community benefits.

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