School of Arts Certificate Short Course

The Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies (DAHS) in the School of Arts, University of Ghana, runs an annual field school to train students on the basic techniques of archaeology, ethnography, and adventure studies in various parts of Ghana.  

This course is designed to enhance participants’ skills in conducting research whilst being immersed in the cultural lifeways of communities in Ghana. Whilst staying in the communities for about 10 days, students/participants are taught community entry protocols and skills, engagement in day-to-day activities of the communities, use of ethnographic methods to research cultural traditions and conduct reconnaissance adventures in the community environments. 



  • Undergraduate and graduate students of history, archaeology, sociology, arts, ethnography etc. 
  • Participants who are passionate about adventure, arts, rural community development 
  • Wildlife and nature enthusiasts 


Lecturers from the Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies at the University of Ghana. These lecturers have both local and international reputation for teaching and research. 


Please follow this link to know more about the short course.