Nana Yaw Boampong Sapong, (PhD)




             Ph.D. Southern Illinois University Carbondale, USA, 2009.

                        Historical Studies (African History).

                        Title – Aluta Continua: Social Movements and the Making of

                        Ghana’s Fourth Republic, 1978-1993.


            M.A.   Central Michigan University, USA, 2004.

                        History (Modern Europe).

                        Title – A Dichotomy of the Social Contract Theory:

                        Rousseau’s Legislator and Ghana’s Road to Democracy.

Title – Thomas Mann: the Dilemma of a Nonpolitical Mann.


            B.A.    University of Ghana, 2000.

                        History and English.



Sub-discipline(s):        Social History, Intellectual History, Military History.

Themes:                       Social Movements and Democratization.

                                     Nationalism and the Politics of Decolonization.

                                     Urban History and the City.

                                     History of the Ghana Armed Forces.

                                     History of Higher Education in Ghana.

                                     Pre-Colonial and Colonial Political Economy of Ghana.



Principal Investigator. The University of Ghana: Crafting an Elite African University. University of Ghana History Project. This project seeks to continue the documentation of the history of the University of Ghana from the 1990s. It is under the auspices of the Vice Chancellor’s Office, University of Ghana. Co-Investigator, “A History of Nursing and Midwifery in Ghana.” Nursing and Midwifery Council, $20,500. This project explores the history of midwifery and general nursing in Ghana. Co-Investigator. The Men in Armour: A History of the Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment, 1963-2013. Principal Investigator. A Social History of Gold Coast Recruits in the Royal West African Frontier Force. There has been a shift in the way scholars approach military history in recent historiography. Instead of focusing solely on the origins of conflict, battle plans, and military hardware, military historians are now also interested in the social history of the military – the idea of war and society. In Ghana, there is a wealth of untapped information which throws light on the lives of ex-service men. In what ways were questions of social status, and ethnicity essential to the composition of colonial armies, and how were these used by Africans to negotiate success in the colonial state? These are the fundamental questions this study explores.




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