Mr. Caesar Alimsinya Atuire (PhD)



Research Interests:

Bioethics and Ethical Frameworks.

Questions surrounding the metaphysics of personhood from an African and Global perspective.

Frameworks of attitudes towards mental health.

Suicide from a philosophical and existentialist viewpoint.


Academic Awards/ Fellowships:

AfOx Visiting Fellow, Neurogene, Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford, UK, Summer 2018.

Elected All Souls College Visiting Fellow, University of Oxford, January to June 2020.



Books and Monographs

  1. * Frimpong-Mansoh, Yaw A., and Caesar A. Atuire, eds. Bioethics in Africa: Theories and Praxis. Vernon Press, 2019.
  2. *Atuire, Caesar A. Understanding the Christian Faith. Rome: IF Press, 2017.
  3. *Atuire, Caesar A. Il Pellegrinaggio: Il viaggio di una vita. Milano: Fivestore Editore, 2012.
  4. Atuire, Caesar A. Ponzio Pilato Vittima o Carnefice? Firenze: Italianova Editore, 2010.
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  6. Atuire, Caesar A. Ma io, dove sono? Besnate: B.R.P. Editore, 2006.
  7. *Atuire, Caesar A. Leaping the Bounds of the Elysian Fields; an Anthropological Inquiry Concerning Suicide. Rome: APRA, 2005.
  8. Atuire, Caesar A. Toma la vida en tus manos. México DF: Mensaje, 1996.
  9. Atuire, Caesar A. Sorpresi dal Mistero. Casalmonferrato: PIEMME, 1995.



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