Harry Lawson Kwaku Agbanu

Senior Lecturer



Ph.D. Study of Religions, 2011

University of Ghana, Legon, Accra

University of Northern Colorado, USA

Dissertation: Environmental Ethics in Mafi-Ewe Indigenous Culture


M. Phil, Study of Religions, 1999.

University of Ghana, Legon, Accra

Dissertation: Moral Evil and ‘Cremation’ Among the Mafi-Ewe of   Ghana (A thesis submitted for the award of Master of Philosophy,      Study of  Religion from the University of Ghana, Legon-Accra     [1999]).


B.A. (HONS), 1993

University of Ghana, Legon, Accra

Study of Religions with Swahili


Teachers’ Cert. “A”, 1985

University of Cape-Coast, Ghana


Other Academic/Research Related Activities Performed:

  • Dzorgbo, D-B.S., Twerefou, D.K., Agbanu, H.L.K. & Adoo-Adeku, C. (2008). Socio-Cultural factors driving the spread and prevention of HIV/AIDS in Ghana, A national survey on factors driving the spread of HIV/AIDS, Commissioned by Ghana AIDS Commission



  1. Books:
  • Ayegboyin, Deji, Agbanu, Harry & Nihinlola, Emiola (eds)

                                         Globalization, Technology, HIV& AIDS and Theological Education in

                                         Africa. Ibadan: West African Association of Theological Institutions,


        2. Book Chapter:

  • Agbanu, H.L.K. “Does Philosophy of Religion Ridicule Religious Faith?” in Abamfo O. Atiemo, Ben-Willie Golo and Lawrence K. Boakye (Eds.), Unpacking the Sense of the Sacred: A Reader in the Study of Religions (Oxfordshire: Ayebia Clarke Publishe÷÷rs Ltd., 2014)


  1. Journal Articles: 
  • Akpabli-Honu, Kodzovi & Agbanu, Harry K. (2014). Types and Statuses of Children of Troxovi Shrines. International Journal of Humanities & Social Studies, Vol. 2 (12) (pgs. 308-317)
  • Agbanu, H.L.K. (2013). The Basis and Nature of African Indigenous Morality: The case of the Mafi-Ewe of Ghana. Oguaa Journal of   Religion & Human Values, vol. 3 (pgs.76-98)
  • Agbanu, H.L.K. (2013). Determinism, Human Freedom and Mafi-Ewe

                                          Indigenous culture: An antithesis or a harmony? Orita, Ibadan

                                          Journal of Religious Studies, vol. XLV (pgs. 271-288)

  • Agbanu, H.L.K. (2013). A critical consideration of Amememe (‘cremation’) Rituals among the Mafi-Ewe of Ghana. Oguaa Journal of   Religion & Human Values, vol. 2 (pgs.32-61)
  • Nkansah-Amankra, S., Diedhiou, Agbanu, S. K., Agbanu,

                                         H. L.K., Opoku-Adomako, N.S. & Twumasi-Ankrah, P. (2012).

                                         A longitudinal Evaluation of Religiosity and Psychosocial

                                         Determinants of Suicidal Behaviors among a Population-

                                         Based Sample in the United States. Journal of Affective

                                         Disorders, vol. 139 (1), (pgs. 40-51)

  • Agbanu, H.L.K. (2012). The Death Penalty: An African Perspective. 

                                        Ghana Bulletin of Theology, New Series, vol. 4 (pgs. 120-144)

  • Nkansah-Amankra, S., Diedhiou, A., Curtis, H., & Agbanu, H.L.K.(2011). Correlates of Sexual Risk Behaviors among High School Students in Colorado: Analysis and Implications of School-based HIV/AIDS Programs. Maternal and Child   Health Journal, vol.15 (6), (pgs. 730-741)
  • Nkansah-Amankra, S., Diedhiou, A.,& Agbanu, H.L.K., Toma-Drane,  M., & Dhawan, A. (2011). Evaluating Correlates of Adolescent Physical Activity towards National Health Objectives: Analysis of Colorado Youth Risk Behavioral Survey, 2005. Journal of Public Health, vol.33 (2), (Pgs. 246-255).
  • Nkansah-Amankra, S., Diedhiou, A., Walker. A.D., Agbanu, H., & Clark, H. (2010). Adolescent Suicidal Behaviors, Self-rated Health and Multiple Health Risk Behaviors: Exploring New Perspectives in Suicide Prevention Research. Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology, vol.2 (8) (Pgs. 204-215)


  1. Documentary:
  • Commoditization of Religion: Religious Advertisements in the Ghanaian Public Space, Ghana Television (GTV), 2013.
  • Religion and Environmental Conservation: The Case of the Paga Crocodile Pond.


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