Dr. Nicoletta Gatti

Senior Lecturer



  1. BA in Philosophy: Pontifical Urban University, Rome: 1991.
  2. BA in Theology: Pontifical Urban University, Rome: 1994.
  3. Licentiate in Biblical Studies (S.S.L/M.Phil): Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome: 1997.
  4. Doctorate in Biblical Theology (Ph.D): Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome: 2006.



  1. Adv. Hebrew and Semitic Studies (Sum. Course: 1996, Hebrew University, Jerusalem).
  2. English Language (St. Patrick’s School: 1997-1998, London).



  1. Present Appointment Senior Lecturer in the Dept. for the Study of Religions, University of Ghana (Legon-GA)
  2. Teaching & Lecturing 
  3. Italian Education Service: as a Primary School Teacher (Rovereto, 1979-1983).
  4. Italian Educational Service: Philosophy – Secondary School (Rome, 1985-1995)
  5. Capuchin Franciscan Institute of Philosophy and Theology (Addis Abba, Ethiopia): OT and NT Biblical Studies, Greek and Hebrew (1998-2003).
  6. Addis Ababa Catechetical Institute: OT and NT Studies (2000-2003).
  7. Accra (Ghana): Summer Course – NT Studies (2004-2006)
  8. Pontifical Gregorian University: NT – Exegetical Seminars on Synoptic Gospels (2005-2007).
  9. University of Ghana (Legon) – Dept. for the Study of Religions: NT Studies; NT Greek; OT Apocalyptic (2007-2008).
  10. Central University College – School of Theology and Missions: Dept. of Biblical and Church Historical Studies and Graduate Programme: Biblical Hebrew; Biblical Greek; OT Theology;
  11. OT Prophets; Biblical Hermeneutics and Criticism (2008-13)
  12. Catholic Institute of Business and Technology: Introduction to the NT and OT (Part time since 2011)
  13. Trinity Theological Seminary: Post-Advance Biblical Hebrew (Part time - II semester 2012/13)
  14. University of Ghana, Department for the study of Religions: OT Studies (Full time: graduate e post-graduate programme).