Abamfo Ofori Atiemo



2010: Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies/Theology. Free University of Amsterdam.

2003: Post-Graduate Diploma in Human Rights. International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague.

1995: Master of Philosophy in the Study of Religions. University of Ghana, Legon.

1991: Bachelor of Arts. University of Ghana, Legon.


Current Research Focus:

Currently, my research attention is turned on how religion and law interconnect in traditional Ghanaian societies and the continuities and discontinuities between the traditional and the modern ideas and practice of human rights. I continue to pursue my original interests in Comparative History of Religion, focusing on African Indigenous religions, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism. Among the specific projects I am engaged in are the following:

  • Culture, Custom and Human Rights in Contemporary Akan Societies
  • African Hindus, identity, and religious space in Ghana
  • Coping with Evil in Christianity and Islam in Ghana
  • Religion and Law in Contemporary Ghana.



Since my first appointment as a lecturer in the University of Ghana, I have taught courses at all levels, including PhD. My special area of History of Religions places me in the intersections between the various sub-disciplinary areas of the Department. This enables me to handle most of the areas of religious studies and theology; therefore, in many cases, I have had to take on courses of colleagues on leave or are absent for some reason. Below are the courses I have taught since my first appointment as a lecturer:


  • Srel 042 Introduction to Semitic Religious Traditions
  • Srel 045 Introduction to Oriental Religious Traditions
  • Srel 002 West African Traditional Religion
  • Srel 006 Background to the New Testament
  • Srel 401 Comparative Study of Religion
  • Srel 201 Introduction to the Study of Religion
  • Srel 417 Religion and Human Rights
  • Srel 317 Background to the New Testament
  • Srel 435 Theology of the Gospels
  • Srel 437 Doctrine of the Early Church
  • Srel 325 History of the Early Church
  • Srel 349 Oriental Religions
  • Srel 202 History of Religion in West Africa      
  • Srel 103 Introduction to Eastern Religions
  • Srel 102 Introduction to Christianity
  • Srel 328 Pentecostalism in Ghana
  • Srel 347 Religion in Ghana
  • Srel 398 New Religious Movements


  • Srel 658 Religious Views of Humanity and International Human Rights
  • Srel 653 Comparative Religion
  • Srel 651 Historians of Religion
  • Srel 625 African Pentecostalism
  • Srel 703 Theories in the Study of Religion
  • Srel 721 Conceptual and Theoretical Issues in the Study of Religion




  • Abamfo O. Atiemo (2013). Religion and the Inculturation of Human Rights in Ghana. London/New York: Bloomsbury.
  • Abamfo O. Atiemo (1995). Aliens at the Gate of Sodom and other Reflections. Accra: Presbel Press.
  • Abamfo O. Atiemo (1993). The Rise of the Charismatic Movement in the Mainline Churches in Ghana. Accra, Asempa.
  • Abamfo O. Atiemo (2011). Walking Towards the Altar: A Pre-Marital Counselling Manual for Ghanaian Churches. Accra: Qolyns-Skan Multimedia.


Published Research Work in Refereed Journals

  • Abamfo O. Atiemo. (2017) “In Need of New Lens: An African Christian Scholar’s Religious Critique of Western European Attitudes toward Religion and Development in Africa”. Religion and Theology 24. Pp. 250 – 273.
  • Abamfo O. Atiemo (2016). “Hinduism, African Hindus and Neo-Hinduism: between Nomenclature and Authenticity”.  Philosophy and the Life-world, Vol. 18: 5-17.
  • Abamfo O. Atiemo (2016). “Clouds that Bring no Rain: Religious Revival and Corruption in Ghana” Trinity Journal of Church and Theology, Volume 18, no.5 (March): 6-23.
  • Abamfo O. Atiemo (2012). “Punish My Husband but not so Hard: Religion, Customary Values and Conventional Approaches to Human Rights in Ghana”. Religion and Human Rights, 7: 71-93.
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  • Abamfo O. Atiemo (2006). “Religious Pluralism, International Human Rights, and the Future of Chieftaincy in Ghana”.  Exchange 35, 4: 360 – 382.
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