Welcome message from Dean


The School of Arts in College of Humanities at the University of Ghana, Legon, encompasses four closely interrelated academic units: the Department Archaeology and Heritage Studies, the Department of History, the Department of Philosophy and Classics, and the Department for the Study of Religions. These departments collectively study and interrogate the foundations and development of human behaviour and knowledge creation, and provide intellectual frameworks for scientific research, teaching, learning, and development action. The school’s activities are thus programmed to catalyze and inspire quality performance in academic as well as non-academic endeavours in Ghana, the rest of Africa, and globally.

The school operates in a multicultural context that enhances research-centred graduate programmes, while developing and strengthening relevant undergraduate programmes, and contributes humane values to society. It encourages cutting-edge collaborative research among its academic faculty and students and between them and their international counterparts in order to produce results that would not only satisfy academic and intellectual interests, but also foster development action locally and internationally. Its academic faculty adopt innovative teaching strategies, such as community-based experiential learning programmes that facilitate learning and bring the best out of students, and are committed to quality research publications. Graduates of the school are, therefore, equipped to critically reflect on humanity and its development trajectory, while undertaking relevant phenomenological enquiries.

In addition to consolidating existing local and international linkages its academic units have already established, the School of Arts pursues and welcomes new partnerships, home and abroad, with academic, industrial and other non-academic establishments towards the exchange and sharing of knowledge, skills, technology, and research strategies that will enhance pedagogy and stimulate academic excellence and development action. We heartily welcome you to the school as a partner in knowledge and quality human resource production.

Professor Kodzo Gavua, Dean School of Arts